Droplet Impact onto Smooth and Porous Solid Surfaces: Combined Experimental Measurements and Multi-physics/Machine Learning Modeling

  • Yurkiv, Vitaliy (University of Arizona)
  • Granda, Rafael (University of Illinois Chicago)
  • Yarin, Alexander (University of Illinois Chicago)
  • Mashayek, Farzad (University of Arizona)

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One of the fundamental requirements of painting and coating technologies is the controlled and homogeneous deposition onto a solid surface. However, numerous factors such as surface porosity and an uncontrolled air bubble entrapment under the deposited liquid layer could deteriorate the quality and durability of a film. In this contribution, we present a combined multi-physics and deep-learning approach validated by our own experimental measurements to detect air bubble formation during drop impact onto solid parafilm surfaces as well as drops of water with aniline dye impacting onto balsa porous wood substrates.