MS5-01B Advances in immersed/embedded/shifted/unfitted methods for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and fluid-structure interaction (FSI)

Thu, 27/04/2023
16:00 - 18:00
Auditorium K
Chaired by:
Prof. Artem Korobenko (University of Calgary)

Contributions in this session:

  • (Keynote) Mathematical modeling of cardiac valve dynamics by a resistive method
    I. Fumagalli*, A. Zingaro, M. Bucelli, L. Dede', A. Quarteroni
  • An All-Speed Extended Discontinuous Galerkin Sharp Interface Solver for Simulating Hydrodynamics of Melting Materials
    D. Henneaux*, P. Schrooyen, P. Chatelain, T. Magin
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction of a Floating Object subject to Free Surface Wave Loading using a Monolithic Approach with Unfitted Finite Elements
    J. Modderman*, O. Colomés
  • AIMM for Fluid—Structure Interaction
    R. Nemer*, A. Larcher, E. Hachem