MS5-02D Computational Fluid Mechanics with Free and Moving Boundaries: Methods and Applications

Thu, 27/04/2023
10:00 - 12:00
Auditorium H
Chaired by:
Dr. Scott Roberts (Sandia National Laboratories) , Phd. Alec Kucala (Sandia National Labs)

Contributions in this session:

  • (Keynote) Free surface flow simulations using the Particle Finite Element Method
    T. Leyssens*, J. Remacle
  • Numerical Models and Experiments of Yield Stress Fluids Filling a Thin Mold
    R. Rao*, J. McConnell, W. Ortiz, A. Grillet
  • Reducing Flow Instabilities Due to Marangoni and Buoyancy Effects in Horizontal Ribbon Growth
    N. Bagheri-Sadeghi*, A. Abrantes, B. Helenbrook
  • Viscoplastic Dam-Breaks
    R. Valette*