MS3-01B Climate modeling through scientific computing and machine learning

Thu, 27/04/2023
16:00 - 18:00
Auditorium E
Chaired by:
Dr. Irina Tezaur (Sandia National Laboratories)

Contributions in this session:

  • Differentiable programming for Hessian-based ocean climate observing system design in the North Atlantic
    P. Heimbach*, N. Loose, H. Pillar
  • A Performance Portable Sea Ice Model Using the Discrete Element Method
    K. Peterson*, A. Turner, S. Nikolov, D. Bolintineanu, D. O'Connor, J. Clemmer
  • An optimal modal finite-element discretization for ice-sheet modeling
    M. Perego*
  • Multifidelity Deep Operator Networks with Applications to Ice Sheet Modeling
    A. Howard*, M. Perego, G. Karniadakis, P. Stinis