MS6-02B Error Estimation and Adaptive Methods in CFD

Fri, 28/04/2023
16:00 - 18:00
Auditorium G
Chaired by:
Prof. Kenan Kergrene (UTC)

Contributions in this session:

  • (Keynote) Efficient Adaptive Stochastic Collocation Strategies for Advection--Diffusion Problems with Uncertain Inputs
    D. Silvester*, B. Kent, C. Powell, M. Zimon ́
  • Verification of a viscoelastic fluid flow code by the Method of Manufactured Solution
    J. Organista, L. Souza*
  • Goal-Oriented Mesh Adaptation using Optimal Approaches
    S. Prudhomme*, D. Guignard, K. Kergrene, J. Vacher