Fast and accurate reduced order modelling for the simulation of blood flow dynamics

  • Siena, Pierfrancesco (SISSA)
  • Balzotti, Caterina (SISSA)
  • Girfoglio, Michele (SISSA)
  • Quaini, Annalisa (University of Houston)
  • Rozza, Gianluigi (SISSA)

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Heart disease represents one of the leading cause of death in the world. Mathematical models can be employed to analyze the blood flow and the effect of some parameters on the blood circulation. In our work, the full order model is composed by parametrized incompressible Navies- Stokes equation, where the physical parameter involved is the Reynolds number. A Reduced Order Model (ROM), based on a complete decoupling between the offline and the online phase, is developed to speed up high fidelity simulations. Several numerical tests are performed to investigate both the efficiency and the accuracy of the ROM framework.