A Multiphase Fluid-Fluid and Fluid-Structure Coupling Framework based on PreCICE for Marine Applications

  • Tan, Raynold (STFC)
  • Guo, Xiaohu (STFC)
  • Qian, Ling (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Greaves, Deborah ( University of Plymouth)

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In this work, the preCICE coupling library and the OpenFOAM adapter was modified to develop several coupled simulation applications in the context of multiphase flow. For these applications, an incompressible multiphase OpenFOAM solver based on the volume of fluid method, interFoam and the OpenFOAM based structural mechanics solver, solids4Foam were used. Two simulation examples are presented. In the first example, two interFoam solvers (on the left and right domain) are coupled together. Regular cnoidal waves are generated on the left domain inlet and they are made to flow across the interface into the right domain. In the second example, interFoam was coupled to solids4Foam. The classical dambreak case was simulated with a flexible beam, modelled as a linear elastic material. In the simulation, a pool of water collapses due to gravitational effect and impacts onto a flexible beam. The resulting impact leads to a dynamic vibrational response on the beam. A Fourier analysis of the vibrational response was carried out to determine the dominant forcing frequency.