A new Spalart-Allmaras model with rotation correction to improve off-body vortex prediction and vortex-vortex interaction effects

  • Alauzet, Frederic (Inria)
  • Spalart, Philippe (Boeing Commercial Airplanes)

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Thanks to a sustained effort on anisotropic mesh adaptation methods, they have been extended successfully to turbulent flows modeled by the RANS equations. An important result is that we are now able to achieve mesh-convergence even on complex 3D geometries. Consequently, the discretization error becomes negligible with respect to the modeling error and, now, we are able to compare turbulence models rigorously. In this presentation, we will compare three versions of the Spalart-Allmaras one-equation turbulence model on vortex dominated flow: the AIAA High-Lift Prediction Workshop geometry and a military air vehicle.