Study of CO2 desublimation during cryogenic carbon capture using lattice Boltzmann method

  • Lei, Timan (University College London)
  • Luo, Kai H (University College London)
  • Hernandez Perez, Francisco E (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
  • Cano, Juan Restrepo (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
  • Im, Hong G (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)

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Cryogenic carbon capture (CCC) can preferentially desublimate CO2 out of the flue/natural gas. A widespread application of such promising technology requires a comprehensive understanding of CO2 desublimation phenomenology, properties, and key operation parameters. This study proposes a lattice Boltzmann model to study CO2 desublimation on a cooled cylinder surface during CCC in two and three dimensions. Various CO2 desublimation and capture behaviors are produced in response to different operation conditions (i.e., the flue gas velocity and the cylinder temperature). The present pore-scale simulations facilitate the eventual application of the desublimation-based CCC technology for mitigating climate change.