The Force Partitioning Method - A Data-Enabled Method for Dissecting Vortex Dominated Flows and Fluid-Structure Interaction

  • Mittal, Rajat (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Seo, Jung Hee (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Ismail, Umair (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Menon, Karthik (Stanford University)

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We present the force partitioning method (FPM), which is a data-enabled method that partitions pressure forces into components due to vorticity, acceleration reaction and viscous diffusion. FPM has been used to gain new insights into a variety of vortex dominated flows including dynamic stall in pitching foils, vortex-induced vibration of bluff-bodies, locomotion of carangiform swimmers and rough-wall boundary layers, and results from these analyses will be presented. Finally, FPM has been extended to aeroacoustics, and applications of the aeroacoustic partitioning method (APM) to dissect aeroacoustic noise in engineering and biological flows will be presented.