Direct Numerical Simulation of boiling

  • chen, Xiangbin (Sorbonne University/France)
  • KULKARNI, Yash (Sorbonne University/France)
  • Fuster, Daniel (Sorbonne University/France)
  • Zaleski, Stephane (Sorbonne University/France)

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We are focusing on develop a numerical model for the boiling problem under large Jacob number without instability. We adopt a phase change model\cite{Leon}, in which the two-phases interface is moved with a free-divergence velocity and an evaporative velocity. When solving the energy equation, the temperature is treated as two scalars. We set a Dirichlet boundary condition at the interface and use the embedded techniques to solve the separate temperature diffusion equations. The whole model is developed in open-source code Basilisk\cite{Pop}. Basilisk uses octree and the height function method for curvature, with a well balanced continuum surface force method. Benchmarks including the Stefan Problem and super-heated liquid problem both show an error below 1\%. This model is finally applied to solve the nuclear boiling problem with a non-slip boundary condition for velocity. A conjugate model for the heating wall \cite{Lubomir} is developed to capture heating flux near the three-phases point. The result including bubble radius, thickness of micro-layer is compared with experiment \cite{Bucci}.