A colocalized scheme for three-temperature grey diffusion radiation hydrodynamics.

  • Chauvin, Remi (CEA)
  • GUISSET, Sebastien (CEA)
  • Manach-Perennou, Bastien (CEA)

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A positivity-preserving, conservative and entropic numerical scheme is presented for the three-temperature grey diffusion radiation hydrodynamics model. More precisely, the dissipation matrices of the colocalized semi-Lagrangian scheme are defined in order to enforce the entropy production on each species (electron or ion) proportionally to its mass as prescribed in [Zeldovich]. A reformulation of the model is then considered to enable the derivation of a robust convex combination based scheme. This yields the positivity-preserving property at each sub-iteration of the algorithm while the total energy conservation is reached at convergence. Numerous pure hydrodynamics and radiation hydrodynamics test cases are carried out to assess the accuracy of the method. The question of the stability of the scheme is also addressed. It is observed that the present numerical method is particularly robust.