Adaptive Mesh Refinement for High Order Finite Volume unsteady compressible flow simulations

  • Liapi, Ariadni (Sorbonne University )
  • Cinnella, Paola (Sorbonne University)
  • Belme, Anca (Sorbonne University )
  • Brenner, Pierre (ArianeGroup)
  • Pont, Gregoire (Airbus Defence & Space)
  • Puech, David (ArianeGroup)

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The present study seeks to improve the representation, both physical and geometrical, of the aerodynamic calculation of noise sources. For that purpose, we develop an isotropic Dynamic Mesh Adaptation (DMA) strategy suitable for unsteady turbulent flow within ArianeGroup high-order flow solver FLUSEPA. First, we assess some refinement criteria for scale-resolving turbulent flow simulations. Second, we investigate some strategies for choosing efficiently the adaptation frequency. The performance of the proposed strategy is assessed against a selection of test cases of increasing complexity.