A new approach for two-phase flows simulation: X-Mesh

  • Quiriny, Antoine (UCLouvain, iMMC)
  • Remacle, Jean-François (UCLouvain, iMMC)
  • Lambrechts, Jonathan (UCLouvain, iMMC)
  • Moës, Nicolas (Centrale Nantes, IUF)

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Recently a new method called X-Mesh was developed and tested for the case of phase changing simulations with the Stefan model. This approach is similar to the Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) method but instead of always placing the same nodes on the interface, X-Mesh will place the nodes of the mesh on the interface one after the other in the way of a relay race. The mesh movement can thus lead to extremely deformed and almost degenerated elements. This new method allows us to track the interface in a sharp manner while having large interface displacements, phase topology changes without remeshing.