Investigation of the motion of elongated bubbles flowing in viscous fluids in slightly inclined pipes

  • Karp, Joel (TBI)
  • Boucher, Alexandre (TBI)
  • Dakin, Gautier (LEMMA)
  • Belt, Roel (TotalEnergies)
  • Liné, Alain (TBI)

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In this paper, are presented numerical simulations performed with NiceFlow, a CFD software developed by LEMMA company and using an adaptive refinement and a Level-set interface tracking method. NiceFlow, previously known as ANANAS® (ANAlysis of NAvier-Stokes), is a 3D CFD software based on a mixed finite volume element method. A level set resolution has been chosen to track the interface. Moreover, NiceFlow uses an adaptive meshing toolbox called ANAMESH, which allows the use of surface and volumetric mesh adaptation processes throughout the numerical computation. Numerical simulations were performed on CALMIP Cluster (Olympe super calculator). The simulations are compared to experimental data based on 2D-2C PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry), shadowgraphy and TOMO-PTV (Particle Tracking Velocimetry). Different test cases of elongated bubbles in a slightly inclined pipe and viscous fluids are considered to compare numerical simulations and experimental data.