Rapid Screening of Geological Models Using a Multiscale-Accelerated Sequential Fully Implicit Reservoir Simulator

  • Tene, Matei (Schlumberger)
  • Natvig, Jostein (Schlumberger)
  • Bratvedt, Frode (Schlumberger)
  • Watanabe, Shingo (Schlumberger)
  • Li, Zhuoyi (Schlumberger)
  • Kozlova, Antonina (Schlumberger)
  • Bratvedt, Kyrre (Schlumberger)

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This work proposes a paradigm shift where reservoir simulators become the tools of choice for both geological screening and detailed numerical simulations. To make this possible, the traditional fully-implicit method is replaced by a novel sequential implicit formulation, where fast fluid flow solutions can be obtained by leveraging an algebraic multiscale solver. This new approach bridges cross-disciplinary silos, facilitating knowledge transfer between geologists and reservoir engineers, with ample possibilities for new synergies and workflows.