Implementation and assessment of parametric wind and rainfall models into storm surge modeling

  • Kubatko, Ethan (The Ohio State University)
  • Hudson, Mackenzie (The Ohio State University)
  • Kang, Younghun (The Ohio State University)
  • Sines, Aaron (The Ohio State University)

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A key factor in obtaining accurate simulations of hurricane storm surge from hydrodynamic models is the input of accurate meteorological (wind, pressure, and rainfall) fields. One approach for generating these meteorological fields is to use relatively simple parametric storm models that are based on only a small number of key storm parameters (e.g., storm track, maximum winds, and radius of maximum winds). While this type of approach is routinely used in operational storm surge models for generating wind and pressure fields, most of these models do not typically include rainfall in their storm surge simulations. This omission creates an incomplete assessment of weather conditions during extreme precipitation events and has inspired efforts to improve upon current hydrodynamic models by incorporating parametric rainfall models into storm surge simulations. Additionally, there exists a need for a more complete analysis of the available parametric wind models that are available in order to properly assess their use in storm surge applications. In this talk, I will highlight our efforts to address these gaps by integrating a parametric rainfall model and a range of parametric wind models into a discontinuous Galerkin shallow water equations model (DG-SWEM).