Phase change in porous media for heat exchanger applications

  • Henrotel, Yohanna (Temisth/IUSTI/VKI)
  • Serret, Damien (Temisth)
  • Laboureur, Delphine (VKI)
  • Le Metayer, Olivier (IUSTI)

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In a general context of reducing energy consumptions and production costs, heat exchangers have become a key component in improving energy system efficiency. The CFD model simplification of heat exchangers with enhanced exchange surfaces (fins, foams, lattices...) into a porous media is a common practice in the industrial applications. However, in commercial softwares, these models do not yet consider the occurrence of phase change phenomena. A general methodology to be applied in any case for standard evaporator channels is detailed in the present work with a focus on phase change model description in porous media.