Tip-vortex interaction on Shrouded Wind-Turbines

  • Silva, Paulo (Cranfield)
  • Tsoutsanis$, Panagiotis (Cranfield)
  • Jenkins, Karl (Cranfield)

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This work describes an analysis of Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes numerical solutions of the aerodynamic performance and vortex characteristics of wind turbines. The Rotational Reference Frame is used on a high-order unstructured compressible solver to study an isolated and shrouded turbine. The accuracy of results for a wide range of wind velocities is discussed. Overall, good agreement is achieved between the computed pressure distributions and the experimental reference. At stalled blades more efforts are needed to improve numerical solutions, especially for integrated load quantities. The helical vortex structure is examined in detail for both turbines, in which the shroud have found to have a considerable effect on the tip vortex trajectory. The influence of wind speed on the flow separation and shroud interaction are also discussed.