A parameter-free LES model for anisotropic mesh adaptivity

  • Avalos-Patiño, Jorge (Imperial College London)
  • Neethling, Stephen (Imperial College London)
  • Piggott, Matthew (Imperial College London)

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In this study we introduce a parameter-free LES model incorporating an anisotropic eddy-viscosity formulation combined with anisotropic mesh adaptivity. In our model, the parameter Cs in the eddy-viscosity formulation of the Smagorinsky model, is replaced by a function that evaluates the relative location of turbulence fluctuations in each element with respect to the turbulence spectrum inertial range. The anisotropic formulation of the eddy-viscosity allows the application of an appropriate filter width in different directions, improving accuracy. Additionally, the mesh adaptivity algorithm assesses local turbulence fluctuations via local Reynolds number and vortex identification criteria, such that regions with higher turbulence fluctuations are refined to the smallest scale limit in the inertial range in the corresponding direction, and regions without turbulence fluctuation are coarsened up to largest scale limit in the inertial range.