Haemodynamics of an Idealized Mechanical Heart Valve – Predictions by FVM and SPH

  • Laha, Sumanta (The University of Manchester)
  • Fourtakas, Georgios (The University of Manchester)
  • Das, Prasanta Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)
  • Keshmiri, Amir (The University of Manchester)

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In the present study, a 3D CFD analysis has been conducted for the bi-leaflet mechanical heart valve (BMHV) under normal and dysfunction condition where one of the leaflets is immobilised due to the pannus and thrombus formation. Traditional FVM and SPH mesh-free particle-based methods have been adopted for the simulations. A pulsatile velocity is considered as the inlet boundary condition and a pressure pulsation is taken at the outlet. Anatomically reasonable aorta fitted with an idealized 25mm St Jude MHV is chosen for the present simulation. In FVM, a polyhedral mesh with the prism layers was chosen for better accuracy and similar particle sizes have been used for SPH for a fair comparison.