Numerical Simulation of supersonic flows using OpenFOAM

  • Carricajo, Clara (IKOS RA)
  • Janzen, Ryan (TransPod Inc)
  • Schöfer, Malte (IKOS RA)
  • Boivin, Pierre (Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS, Centrale Marseille, Marseille, M2P2)

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Hyperloop systems (HS) are studied and developed worldwide. HS are considered as aerospace transportation modes, through transonic-speed (near supersonic) pods in low pressure tubes environment. Based on the present work, it is possible to suggest improvements to scientific methods and tools and to propose improved HS design. The main investigation of this work is the flow around the pods at steady transonic speeds. It is essential to ensure the stability of the pod moving in the tube while considering all the forces involved – including lift & drag, compressible effects, and the performance of the capsule to be reached.