MS1-12C Data-driven closure models for RANS and LES

Fri, 28/04/2023
16:00 - 18:00
Auditorium E
Chaired by:
Prof. Heng Xiao ( University of Stuttgart)

Contributions in this session:

  • Learning Turbulence Models from Data: A Unified Perspective of Data Assimilation and Machine Learning
    X. Zhang, H. Xiao*, X. Luo
  • Adaptive Correction of a RANS Model for Separated Flow Fields
    S. Heo*, Y. Yun, M. Jeong, S. Jee
  • Reynolds Stress Anisotropy Tensor Predictions using Neural Networks
    J. Cai*, P. Angeli, J. Martinez, G. Damblin, D. Lucor
  • Assessment of a Data-Driven RANS Model for Various Separated Flows
    Y. Yun*, S. Heo, M. Jeong, S. Jee