MS7-05B Innovative numerical methods and simulation codes for compressible flows

Wed, 26/04/2023
13:45 - 15:45
Auditorium E

Contributions in this session:

  • A semi-implicit Jin-Xin relaxation scheme for all Mach number flows
    A. Iollo, G. Puppo, A. Thomann*
  • An asymptotic preserving scheme for the M1 model on conical meshes
    C. Lasuen*
  • High-order composite finite volume schemes with arbitrary order physically admissible non linear reconstruction
    P. Hoch*
  • A divergence free Finite Volume discretization of Lagrangian ideal MHD over 3D unstructured grids
    W. Boscheri, R. Loubère*, P. Maire
  • On stabilisation of hybrid lattice Boltzmann method: an application to compressible flows with discontinuities.
    K. Kozhanova*, G. Wissocq, P. Boivin