MS4-08 - Multiphase Flow in Heterogenous Porous Media

Z. Wang (School of Mechanical, Medical and Process Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Queensland University of Technology) *, . Pereira (Navier, Ecole des Ponts, Univ Gustave Eiffel) , . Sauret ( School of Civil Engineering, The University of Sydney) , Y. Gan (Sydney Nano, The University of Sydney)

Multiphase flow in porous media is a common phenomenon in many engineering applications, including enhanced oil recovery, CO2 geosequestration, underground hydrogen storage, and membranes and fuel cells. Accurate description of multiphase flow in heterogeneous porous media with different surface properties and microstructures is often desired. We here establish a mini-symposium to provide a forum for sharing and exploring recent progress on the development and application of numerical methods for multiphase displacement in porous media. Examples of specific areas include – but are not limited to – the following: • Development and application of numerical methods (direct numerical simulation, lattice Boltzmann method, smoothed particles hydrodynamics, pore-network models) • Flow physics (Newtonian, non-Newtonian, miscible/immiscible, viscoelastic) • Passive/reactive transport (mixing, dispersion, dissolution, precipitation) • New physical insights and theoretical analyses • Frameworks for upscaling of effective properties (nano-scale, pore-scale, Darcy-scale descriptions) • Applications involving isotropic/anisotropic porous materials with heterogeneous porosity/wettability.